Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has destroyed many peaceful cities and villages, displaced and killed their inhabitants.
Yet it has not destroyed the will of Ukrainians and their desire to build and develop their communities as part of a free, democratic and European Ukraine

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We stimulate partnerships between municipalities in Ukraine and in other countries for short and long term revitalization of institutional, societal, entrepreneurial and physical structures.

We support these partnerships through creating and upholding a network of partnerships, spreading good examples, methods and knowledge.

We focus on those Ukrainian communities who are the most affected by Russian aggression.

How to find your partner:
How to find your partner:

Choose the size of the community you want to cooperate with


Look at the map where our partners are located


Read the portfolios of each community


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If you want to contact an Ukrainian community or have additional questions regarding the project please contact us: [email protected]
If you are representing an Ukrainian community and want to join the project please write here: [email protected]